Frisbees Guarantee

A company is only as good as what they stand for. Frisbees stands for quality service, and unsurpassed customer service. We want each and every customer to have a great experience, and to enhance that experience we offer you the Frisbee Guarantee. You can be confident in choosing Frisbees knowing we stand behind our work and want to protect you and your home.

Fixture Guarantee

We offer an impressive selection of plumbing fixtures in our Kitchen & Bath Showroom. When you purchase fixtures from our Showroom that we install either through service or a building/remodeling job, we have you covered with our Fixture Guarantee. We offer you a one year warranty on any fixture purchased and installed by us. If there is any issues with the installation or the product itself, we will come take care of the issue free of charge.

Service Guarantee

With our Service Guarantee we protect you for service work performed in your home to repair a plumbing, heating/cooling or electrical issue. We guarantee that service repair for 60 days after the date the original repair is made. If the exact same service issue occurs within 60 days of that original repair, we will set up another service call to fix the issue at no additional charge.

Property Protection Guarantee

Our employees are always striving to provide the best service, but accidents can happen when on a jobsite. This guarantee is here to protect your property such as lawns, shrubbery, flooring, walls furniture and door frames from damages. If accidental damage to your home occurs, we will have the damage professionally repaired or replaced at no additional charge.

Equipment Guarantee

The equipment to run your household is often the most important to keep your home comfortable. Whether that is making sure you have hot water or making sure your home’s temperature is the right temperature, if any equipment you purchased at Frisbees and installed by us malfunctions during that first year, we will send one of our qualified technicians to your home to examine the issue at no extra cost to you.

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