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In general, you can expect a well-maintained air conditioner to last about 15 years. However, if you’re in need of expensive repairs and your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it will often make more sense to replace it.


That’s the one huge benefit you get when working with Frisbees and our experienced technicians. A fast installation process that gets your home back to a comfortable space for you and your family. Nothing is better than a quick air conditioning installation when you need it the most! 

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Repair vs Replace

That is always a big question since a new cooling system is a huge investment. Let’s look at a few things to consider when making that decision.

Age of Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is older than 15 years and you are faced with multiple repairs or a costly repair, you should probably look at getting an estimate to replace your A/C. If it's less than 15 years old and you are facing a minor repair, it probably makes more sense to do the repair.

Cost of Repair

The rule of thumb is if your air conditioning is older and the repair cost is 50% or more of what the cost would be to repair it…you should replace it. A major repair you could come across in an aging unit are replacing the compressor, evaporator indoor/coil or condenser outdoor/coil. Even if your air conditioner starts to see minor repairs, but you are having to constantly repair it month after month…that may be another sign to look at replacement.

Decreased Functionality

Maybe you don’t run into a ton of repair costs, but your air conditioner just isn’t working as well as it used and energy bills are increasing. Those are signs of a system that is probably running on its last legs. If it can’t keep up with your demands, it might be time to welcome in a new more efficient air conditioner that can keep you and your family comfortable while reducing energy costs.

How To Get Started

Not sure how to get started? We are here to help! Set up an estimate, and we will walk you through the rest. It’s fast, convenient and seamless so we can get your home comfortable within hours. We also have financing options to help make this just as easy on your wallet. Our Carrier cooling systems are competitively priced, and we always let you know if there are any rebates or discounts associated with your equipment. Here’s what you can expect during our installation process.

The Process


    The best way to get the properly sized equipment quoted for your home is to have our professional estimator come out to your house. I promise you this is a painless process, and we are not there to sit at your kitchen table for hours on end trying to up-sell you. We will listen to what you are looking for, evaluate your property and get a quote back in your hands as soon as possible.


    Like what you see on the bid? Give us a call to set up the installation date. We work around your schedule to get you the most convenient installation date for you.


    The installation crews will show up on install day and get to work. Our crews will respect your time, house and your property. Frisbee installers will remove and take away your existing equipment. The new equipment will be delivered and installed that same day as efficiently as possible.


    Once our installation crew has everything in place, we will dispatch an electrician to do all the proper wiring and a HVAC tech to do the final startup to get the system running smoothly. The technician will cover any operation or system questions you may have so you know you are comfortable with your new equipment.


    You'll receive a bill in the mail once everything is completed. No need to pay us that day or make any down-payments. When we mail your bill, we will also send you the warranty registration for your equipment. We register your equipment for you, to make sure you get the best warranty possible. We will also mail you any rebate or tax paperwork that we are aware of at that time. Making this EASY for you!

If you are ready to talk to an HVAC specialist here at Frisbees, contact us today!

Common Questions

What brand of air conditioner do you sell?

Frisbees is the largest Carrier Authorized dealer in the area. Carrier is a trusted brand in the industry, and we have all the confidence that a Carrier system will be right for you.

Do I need to replace my furnace if I'm replacing my air conditioner?

No, you don’t need to replace both systems at the same time. We have many customers that replace just their AC unit. If both your units are of similar age, it may make sense to replace both at the same time if there have been issues with both units due to aging and efficiency. We can offer you an estimate to replace both or just to replace the AC so you can see cost comparisons for what might work in your budget.

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