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Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades in Sioux Falls

As a homeowner, you want your residence to be as safe and comfortable as possible. You also want everything to work as it should. The electrical panel is a huge part of almost every aspect of your home, from your refrigerator keeping your food cold to your air conditioner cranking out cool air. Upgrading the electrical panel can significantly impact how well your electrical appliances function. Frisbees in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is ready to install your new electrical panel so your entire system can work better than ever before.

Why Update Your Home's Electrical Panel?

There are multiple reasons you may want or need to update your home’s electrical panel, but one of the primary reasons is for safety purposes. This is especially important if you plan to install a large electric-reliant appliance or other item, such as a hot tub, requiring much extra power. Your current electrical panel may not be able to safely handle this addition.

Another reason to update your electrical panel is if you plan on selling your home soon. It can be an appealing feature to prospective buyers who prefer not to incur the added expense after buying the residence. They may have large electric-reliant appliances or electric vehicles, so an upgraded electrical panel will be a valued aspect of considering your home for purchase.

Signs You May Need an Update

The biggest indicator that your home needs an updated electrical panel is that it’s old. It can typically last upwards of four decades. If you experience issues with your outdated electrical panel, having Frisbees look at your system may be a good idea.

Other indicators may include:

  • Flickering lights or blown fuses
  • Odd smells, such as a burning odor

No homeowner should take a chance with their safety. Contact Frisbees immediately if you notice any signs of a serious issue, such as sparks coming from the panel or an unidentifiable burning smell. Our team is available for almost any electrical issue you may be having.

Benefits of Updating a Residential Electrical Panel

An electrical panel update allows your home to handle the demands of any electrified items you’re thinking of incorporating immediately or going forward. This can be especially important if you currently have an older home with an electrical panel that hasn’t been upgraded in some time. Many things have modernized over the years. For instance, some homes now have electric vehicle charging stations. It’s important to ensure your residential electrical panel can keep up.

Can I DIY Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Just because you can DIY upgrade your electrical panel doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Anyone not trained in such tasks should avoid attempting a DIY upgrade. There are significant safety risks that come with upgrading an electrical panel, ranging from the potential for a fire to the risk of electrocution. Only trained electricians should handle this task to ensure it gets done safely and correctly.

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